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Within the value chain of coffee, there is a group that is  especially disadvantaged- women! Oftentimes, a big part of the work load is resting on their shoulders, but they are only payed very poorly or not at all.

The net proceeds of the COFFEE.GROUNDS are fully donated to NURU.women e.V. In the form of micro loans, the money will thereby find it's way directly to ethiopian women in the rural area of Burena. These micro loans are the first step towards their own small businesses and to their own income and an equal position in the the communities.  Additionally, there are trainings and courses in handicrafts as well as consulting for individual business plans to help the women realise their creative business ideas.

In doing so, the ethiopian women can build an independent, self-determined livelihood, and thereby lay the building stone for a better future. Not only for themselves, but for the next generations of girls and women.

Already donated: 

2228 Euros