The idea to create a recipe book came up very spontaneously. With a camera in hand and a huge passion for baking! Within the course of 3 months, the book COFFEE.GROUNDS was born! 52 sweet recipes, all based around the theme of coffee. Baked goods and desserts containing coffee, sweet treats as the perfect side to your afternoon coffee- and drinks that work perfectly as an alternative to coffee! They are amazing for kids, if you had a bit TOO much caffeine  already- or simply because you feel like trying something new!


Hey, it's me, Lea.

Most of the time, I am a psychology student. But in my free time, I am a hobby baker and a photographer- with a deep love for coffee and creative projects.

This passion gave rice to a recipe book- a collection of 52 recipes, that have all been created, tested, photographed  and finally layouted by me,

I hope that though this book, I will be  abled to share just a tiny part of the joy I feel when baking- and during the creation of this recipe book!



How long did it take you to create the recipe book?

Creating, testing and photographing all the recipes took me around 2 1/2 months (and in case you are wondering- yes, I only ate sweets within that timeframe ;)) To design the final layout and put the last finishing touches to the book, I invested another month- including many sleepless nights and countless working hours (I never even tried to start counting).

Apart from baking- what did you learn from the creation process of the COFFEE.GROUNDS book?

When leaving aside all the technical aspects that are required when doing a recipe book- how to style food so that it looks amazing on camera, how to layout a book or create a website, I learnt so much during these months! That it is possible to realize every dream possible, as weird as it might seem at first. That it is so worth it to keep getting up and continue baking, even after failing multiple times. How much you can do when you start trusting yourself and stop worrying about problems that keep coming from all sides - and the knowledge that one can do truly anything when working hard and consistently!

How much money will be donated from every book sold? And what happens to the rest of the money?

Each book costs about 10 euros when printed. Additionally, the are costs for the website (118 euros per year) that have to be covered, I organize marketing material (e.g. the flyers) and tax has to be payed (7% of the final book prize). Ultimately, there are about

  •  7  euros per softcover
  • 22 euros per hardcover
  •  7 euros per e-book 

left that will be donated.

Did you create all recipes yourself or is the book a collection of already existing recipes

All recipes in the books have been created by myself! For some of them, there surely has been some inspiration- the recipe for Linzer Cake for example is a veganized modification of the recipe that has accompanied me throughout all my childhood. And as you might imagine, I did not reinvent yeast dough- I based my own recipe on the one that has been loved, cherished by my grandma for years and handed down to me years ago.

Are there recipes that beginners in baking can do as well?

Absolutely! Each recipe is described step by step, so that it is very simple to follow along. Additionally, you can work your way towards more complex recipes by starting with easy ones! If you are looking for recipes taht are especially easy do make,I would recommend the Mocha-Muffins, Pear-Tahini Cake , the Biscoff Brownies or the Lavender-Citron Cake! 

Is there a recipe that you consider a personal favourite?

This question is incredibly hard to answer for me! Because there are so many amazing moments that I can connect to each one of them, they all have their own stories (especially those that I had to do over and over again because I was perfectly happy with the result ;) ). And I love every single recipe- if not, it would not be in the book! If you would would force me to make a decision, though, I would probably choose the Pear-Tahini Cake- until I change my mind in two minutes.

How many people have been involved in creating COFFEE.GROUNDS?

Generally, the whole book is my own work- from start to finsish, from planning out the recipes, baking, shooting the pictures, doing the layout and the marketing, I worked alone. Still, I want to say a huge thanks to my sister, Sandra Beinbauer, for doing the main correcting work, and to Dario Brockschmidt who I could rely on with all my questions concerning Business Consulting. But most importantly, thanks to all the incredible and wonderful people who tried, tested, critiqued and gave me so much energy and motivation throughout the whole process!